How To Track Phone Location

Phone tracking apps have come a long way over the past few years. If you want to track a phone, no longer you are limited to only a tracking app, but now you can access the live location without any app as well via localiser un portable which is available at

Having said that, the app do give you many more features and you are not limited only to tracking its live location.

The best low cost solution, and easiest way to track phones is via where you do not have to pay for subscription or you do not have to buy any expensive app; just pay and use program which is very affordable. But if you are looking for extensive tracking feature, app is the way around. There may be legal issues in tracking someone without his/her permission but don’t be alarmed. This is used purely for marketing reasons.

These app are built specifically for cell phones and gives a parent or employee a great low cost, and highly effective way to track phones, without requiring them to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive GPS tracking hardware. There are no monthly fees, and the software is installed directly on the phone, so the person never has to worry about an extra device to carry.

How does it work?

The way this app works, is you simply install it directly on any phone that you want to track. Once installed, the tracking app will transmit GPS coordinates to an online account that you set up at time of purchase. This gives you remote access which means you can log into your account and view all the logs recorded on the device.

To view where the GPS coordinates are on a map, you simply click on the GPS coordinates and you will be directed to Google Maps, where the coordinates will appear on the map giving you an exact location of where the Android device was at that point in time. Since the tracking app uses Google Maps to show location, you can take advantage of all the features offered by Google Maps such as zooming in or out, changing the type of map shown to a street or terrain view, find out local landmarks & businesses, and even get driving directions to the location.

This GPS app is a fantastic way to track and keep an eye on your kids (especially to locate them in case of an emergency) or for employers who want to monitor the location of their staff. There is not a better way to track the phone.