Amulets Popularity

Most people working in Laos were wearing too many 24-carat value gold jewellery back in the sixties. The more ostentatious ones chose the bracelet of the Chinese 4 seasons, which seemed to me a little unusual for a place that had only 3 season – hot, less hot & wet hot. Here the idea was that you can buy in your own way with little gold down the mountain if your aircraft go down in wrong territory. Even if the thief see you with some gold, never quite grasped that idea, why not to just take that all & not to bother with long trek. Thai Buddhist amulets on a gold necklace were selected by the sophisticated Zen men who meditated prior to they flew ammunition to Hmongs in mountains.

There is variety of rules published at for wearing a Buddhist amulets: that you never buy amulet for yourself because it has to be someone’s gift; if its necklace then make sure it has odd number on it and to get protection by wearer, the Buddha should be handled with reverence. One day I saw my friend wear 2 necklaces on his neck out of 5. As my friend Thai wife had gifted him two new amulets at home in Bangkok to shield him from bad guys & to keep him away from Lao girls. He told me that it’s been working great in all aspects so far.

I had one more friend who had 5 amulets which was gifted by another buddy who was saved from air America fall from one of his amulets.

I have good friend called Khun Prachuap, he is chief of the Moo Baan Chang Mahouts. Prachuap was severely ill earlier these years however, despite comprehensive medical tests, we didn’t know the reason of his sickness. The monk informed us that he was afflicted from Black Magic at the Buddhist temple in the village. For some time, Prachuap joined the monkhood, but he struggled a lot to get back to better health. My friend & me went to popular amulets teacher at Bangkok and bought a special amulet from Black Magic that we gave him, now he seems better.

News media also noted that Prime Minister of Thai Prayuth, wearing a bracelet of elephant hair. When media asking him why is wearing, he said, it saves me from black magic. They started to fly out the door because Elephant Story had a range of elephants’ hair bracelet in Siam Hotel Curio store. In addition, as the wife of Khun Prachuap, Khun Da, making the bracelet, we have added encouragement to get her husband back to better health. The bracelet was created for the writer to hold Black Magic off is seen, although it did not do so much.

The Buddhist notion amulets was made to keep human aware and be conscious in all the possible. This superstitious belief was given based on Brahmanism & not Buddhism that’s the fact, the Nonetheless, there are more than 5,000 amulets stall and stores in an overwhelmingly Buddhist region, this generates over billion as annual income. Consequently, Thai is a pleasant, accessible, diverse country that makes it amazing place without any doubt.

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